Sept. 27- 28, 2024

Downtown Sacramento


The 2024 Norcal Cannabis Show will take place at the  prestigious Safe Credit Union Convention Center in downtown Sacramento. This industry expo aims to unite all sectors of the cannabis industry for the purposes of education, networking, and business opportunities. Take advantage of the opportunity to connect with thousands of individuals who are eager to expand their businesses, enhance their knowledge, broaden their networks, and embark on new ventures in the cannabis industry.

  • INDUSTRY – Meet companies that are building farms and greenhouses plus labs, and growers that have special industry products to grow cannabis.

  • NETWORKING – Grow your network of partners and likeminded people in a fast growing industry

  • EDUCATION – NCS will have multiple education areas through the show covering many cannabis business categories.

  • INNOVATION – Experience some of the latest innovated technologies for the cannabis industry from packaging, logistics, software and more. 

  • RETAIL– Learn how to get started as a retail business as a storefront, or delivery company

  • LEGAL – Meet legal experts in the cannabis field ready to get you set off in the right direction following all legal laws in the state, cities and counties. 

The Norcal Cannabis Show (NCS) is a two-day event dedicated to providing valuable information, networking opportunities, and industry insights. Attendees can look forward to a full day of engaging speaker series that cover a wide range of categories within the cannabis industry. Our expo, held in the largest exhibit hall room of 55,,000 sq ft, showcases businesses from all sectors of the cannabis space. Additionally, NCS will continue to host speaker panels on the expo floor throughout the day of the show.

Mark your calendars for the official industry expo, the Norcal Cannabis Show, taking place on Sept. 27th & 28th, 2024.


SEPT. 27TH & 28TH, 2024



Sept. 28th, 2024

10AM – 6PM

Safe Credit Union Convention Center

1401 K Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

Exhibit Hall D, East Entrance


Early Registration Is Now Open


Interested in joining our esteemed speaker series? Drop us an email and let us know your area of expertise or the panel topics you’d love to delve into. Our primary objective is to maintain a well-rounded discussion on a plethora of subjects, ranging from regulations, stepping into the cannabis industry, cultivation, scientific advancements, financial aspects, health benefits, operational locations, genetics, retail trends, legal aspects, and so much more.

Email: [email protected]


Become an exhibitor at the Norcal Cannabis Show. NCS is proud to introduce our show and expo at the Safe Credit Union Convention Center in downtown Sacramento, CA. We have multiple options to help maximize your space and presenting your brand, products and services. NCS works with the best decorators in the expo space. Our decorating partner Tricord will work with you every step of the way in making sure your exhibit is built and presented in a style that best fits your business.


Please fill out the below form to participate at NCS as an exhibitor.  Upon review of your submission a NCS account manager will be in touch to begin the next steps in fulfilling your exhibitor sign up submission.